Andre Brasilier / Les Deux Bouquets Presentado por Denis Bloch Fine Art

Andre BRASILIER - Les Deux Bouquets

Presentado por Denis Bloch Fine Art

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Andre BRASILIER - Les Deux Bouquets

Andre Brasilier, Les Deux Bouquets 1980 is a colored lithograph. This print is signed on the lower right margin of the print. Printed by Mourlot Paris. Le Pichon 142.

André Brasilier is a French painter and printmaker whose work is typified by a breezy lyricism, wherein real-life subjects are transposed into dreamlike settings. Brasilier’s images portray a peaceful world, with delicate compositional and color harmonies bathed in soft, cool light. He takes significant aesthetic and philosophical inspiration from Japanese prints, with his paintings often featuring pastoral scenes, musical instruments, the sea, women, and horses.

Les Deux Bouquets, exhibits Brasilier’s interest in portraying women and the his appreciation for Japanese prints that provided him with a significant aesthetic and philosophical inspiration.

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