Henri Matisse / FLORILÈGE DES AMOURS DE RONSARD (Skira 1948). 1/30 avec suite monogrammée au crayon. Presentado por Patrice Jeudy

Henri MATISSE - FLORILÈGE DES AMOURS DE RONSARD (Skira 1948). 1/30 avec suite monogrammée au crayon.

Presentado por Patrice Jeudy

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Henri MATISSE - FLORILÈGE DES AMOURS DE RONSARD (Skira 1948). 1/30 avec suite monogrammée au crayon.

Albert Skira, Paris 1948. Fort in-folio (385 x 285 mm) en feuilles. 185 pp. + ffnch., sous couverture rempliée illustrée. Chemise et étui décoré de l'éditeur.

128 LITHOGRAPHIES ORIGINALES PAR HENRI MATISSE dont 2 pour la couverture, 1 frontispice et 27 en hors-texte. Les in-texte souvent aux deux tiers ou à mi-page.

Variations sur le thème "J'aime Marie"

Tirage à 320 exemplaires tous sur vélin d'Arches.
Celui-ci l' 1 des 30 exemplaires numérotés dans l'état définitif, SIGNÉ A L'ENCRE PAR HENRI MATISSE ET ALBERT SKIRA sous le numéro de justification (n°35) accompagné d'une rarissime suite signée.

Ref : Duthuit Matisse Les Livres Illustrés n°25, Rauch 173, The Artist and the Book 201.

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MATISSE. Ronsard, P. de. Florilège des Amours de Ronsard. Paris. Albert Skira. 1948.
Folio. With 128 original lithographs by Henri Matisse, of which 127 printed in sanguine and 1 in black; with additional lithographs printed in sanguine on the front and rear wrappers.

Loose as issued in original publisher's printed wrappers, purple suede-backed chemise and white board slipcase with a decorative design after Matisse. Matisse's illustrations for Ronsard's Florilège des Amours. Here, an exceptional copy with a suite of eight variant lithographs on Japon impérial initialled by Matisse.

ONE OF THE 30 WITH A SUITE OF 8 LITHOGRAPHS ON JAPON PAPER, EACH INITIALLED BY MATISSE IN PENCIL, variants for the poem 'Marie, qui voudroit vostre nom retourner'.

'While convalescing from the serious operation he had undergone in January of 1941, Matisse began plans to publish 'a book containing a number of memories having more or less to do with painting, but especially the life of a painter' which would be illlustrated with linoleum cuts and published by Albert Skira. He decided against the idea not long afterwards...Now he can announce that Ronsard will take the place of Memoires and the book-collectors won't be disappointed...Work on Ronsard lasted seven years, and was interspersed with two long interruptions, one due to the war and the other due to technical difficulties Matisse and Skira experienced during production. Matisse used these interruptions to work at the composition of other books, notably Jazz and Charles d'Orleans.' (Duthuit).
'From beginning to end, the feminine and the vegetal are mixed together and set in relation to each other. The luxuriant but not libidinous character of the nymphs, nymphets and sirens; the embraces, passionate without being lecherous; the rondo going back to 'la Danse'; the visual metaphors, of which the most frequent is that which equates fruits and breasts; the pairs of doves; the unconventional 'Naissance de Vénus', ('l'escumière fille' ('daughter of the foam'); 'portée en sa coquille' ('carried in her shell')); right down to the mosquito, the 'cusin' (cousin, or 'crane-fly') drawn with the accompaniment of a flower or plant décor; all make up a 'Ronsardian' garland of the most seductive venereousness.' (Jean Guichard-Meili, translated by Timothy Bent in 'By the Light of the Great Flowering Books' - see Duthuit page 420).

Ref : Duthuit, Matisse The illustrated books n°25 - Rauch 173, The Artist and the Book 201.

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