Henri Matisse / Henri Matisse -'Linocut' 'Teeny' 1938 Presentado por Marlborough Antiques & Interiors

Henri MATISSE - Henri Matisse -'Linocut' 'Teeny' 1938

Presentado por Marlborough Antiques & Interiors

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    30,0 x 22,0 cm / 11.8 x 8.7 in
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    800 pounds sterling (£)
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Henri MATISSE - Henri Matisse -'Linocut' 'Teeny' 1938

Henri Matisse, 'Teeny' 1938, Linocut published in 'XXe Siecle' in 1938 .

Dimensions 30 × 22 cm

'Comments on Teeny'

The linocut created by Henri Matisse in 1938 entitled Teeny was inspired by Alexina ‘Teeny’ Sattler who was first married to Henri Matisse’s son, Pierre, the art dealer. Matisse was very fond of her daughter-in-law and continued his relationship with Teeny, even after she divorced Pierre and married for a second time, Marcel Duchamp in New York in 1954.

In executing the linocut, Matisse brought into play a distinct dimension of sensitivity and tenderness to capture Alexina’s piercing eyes, delicate nose and voluptuous lips.

This linocut displays a delicacy of line and patterning which is enhanced by the intense black and white contrasts.
Teeny, 1938 is fully documented and referenced in the following publications:

Duthuit-Matisse, Marguerite – Henri Matisse: Catalogue raisonne de l’oeuvre grave Tome II, Paris

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