Joan Miró / Grans Rupestres II Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art

Joan MIRÓ - Grans Rupestres II

Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art

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    88,6 x 68,2 cm / 34.9 x 26.9 in
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    88,6 x 68,2 cm / 34.9 x 26.9 in
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    Precio reservado
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    Reference: Jacques Dupin 1058
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Joan MIRÓ - Grans Rupestres II

Title: Grans Rupestres II (s.9161)
Large Cave Paintings II
Medium: Original Etching in colours, 1979 on Arches paper, signed by the artist in pencil,
Reference: Jacques Dupin 1054
Note: In 1979 the artist made a series of 7 etchings on the theme of Large cave paintings. inspired by the most ancient and universal form of human art. The nuanced application of colour and textural depth in this etching highlight his impressive talent. The surrealist nature of these, also, was much to the taste of the artist. The green background of Joan Miro's "Grans Rupestres II" adds a unique quality to a work that has all the hallmarks of the artists most famous work: heavy black brushstrokes, bold swatches of colours, and original shapes that are both geometric and organic.
Published by: Maeght , Barcelona
Printed by: Joan Barbara, BarcelonaSize: 886 x 682 mms , (34 ⅞” x 26 ⅞” Inches) (Paper & Image size)

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