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Masterworks Fine Art

13470 Campus Drive , 94619 Oakland - United States

Our goal is to be your best fine art resource. Masterworks Fine Art believes the most direct way to accomplish this is by establishing a lifetime of personal and professional relationships with our clients. This business philosophy allows us to look to collectors' long term needs and removes any sense of urgency from any transaction. By listening carefully and sharing our knowledge and experience, we feel the more informed our clients buying decisions will be. The collection spans from rare, 17th Century Rembrandt etchings to unique drawings by Pablo Picasso. Whether you are a new or old client, we are open to negotiating on pricing so please do not hesitate to call, or visit our main website at

  • Nombre de la galería
    Masterworks Fine Art
  • Apellido del responsable
    Adelman Robert
  • Dirección
    13470 Campus Drive , 94619 Oakland
  • País
    United States
  • Tel
    (510) 777-9970
  • Fax
    (510) 777-9972
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