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Michael Lisi / Contemporary Art

648 Broadway (At Bleecker Street) Suite 201, 10012 New York - United States

As a private art dealer with more than 25 years of experience working with collectors, art dealers and arts institutions internationally, michael lisi/contemporary art has developed an impeccable professional reputation as a result of a comfortable, straight-forward approach with clients and institutions on every level, as well as unusually rich and diverse collection of fine art. Our objective is very simple – we strive to successfully meet the growing needs and diverse interests of individual art collectors, art advisors, galleries, international arts organizations and museums with an approach that is personal, honest and client-focused. Specializing in master prints by many of the most recognized modern and contemporary artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, we also offer a significant selection of unique work by highly-regarded emerging and mid-career painters. While the artwork in our collection is often exhibited in galleries and at art fairs throughout the world, our primary focus is in consulting with and assisting individual collectors – from those just beginning to those with the most sophisticated collections. And because our interest extends beyond the restrictions of a traditional gallery and the constraints of a finite inventory, our deep and long-term relationships within the international art community allow us to successfully source specific, rare or hard to find paintings, prints, sculpture and photography.

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    Michael Lisi / Contemporary Art
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    Michael Lisi
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    648 Broadway (At Bleecker Street) Suite 201, 10012 New York
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    United States
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