Michael Barringer / Organic Geometry (El Buey I) Presentado por Ideelart

Michael BARRINGER - Organic Geometry (El Buey I)

Presentado por Ideelart

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Michael BARRINGER - Organic Geometry (El Buey I)

Mixed media on paper
In this series, Michael Barringer wants to make deeply felt, poetic images, but bring them about by a formal system of repetitive, layered geometry. They are based on existing things: another artist's iconic works, a poem, a scientific fact, a sacred object, and ancient cave paintings, to name a few.
His guiding principles are to distill, to hone, and to focus. As Brice Marden has said, “Thinking and physicality become one.”

His work is included in many prominent collections, including that of Walt Disney, Georgia Institute of Technology, Ritz Carlton Hotel, IBM Corporation, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Warner/Fidelity investments, among many others.

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