Leonor Fini / Ce'res Presentado por Lucille Lucas Gallery

Leonor FINI - Ce'res

Presentado por Lucille Lucas Gallery

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    55,4 x 27,4 cm / 21.8 x 10.8 in
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    64,8 x 48,3 cm / 25.5 x 19.0 in
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Leonor FINI - Ce'res

Born in Argentina Leonor Fini (1908-1996) lived most of her adult life in France. There she came in contact with many creative artists and writers. Although Fini never considered herself a Surrealist she maintained close personal relationships with several members of the group. One can see how their ideology influenced her work but she remained firmly rooted in the tradition of Symbolism, Metaphysics and Italian and German Romanticism. Her works can be found in most important collections of modern art around the world.
This image is from a 1954 painting, on woven Arches paper,in very good condition. Hand signed in pen. A rare and hauntingly beautiful image.

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