Sam Francis / Untitled (SFE-011) Presentado por Denis Bloch Fine Art

Sam FRANCIS - Untitled (SFE-011)

Presentado por Denis Bloch Fine Art

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Sam FRANCIS - Untitled (SFE-011)

Untitled (SFE-011), 1983 by Sam Francis is an original Aquatint piece, the only BAT (Bon à Tirer) aside from the edition of 10. It is printed on John Koller HMP paper and signed in the lower right, under the image. Publisher’s chop on the lower right.

Printed by Jacob Samuel at the Litho Shop Inc., Santa Monica, California, between June 2-3, 1983. Published same year by the same company. It was then exhibited in Zurich in 1985. Lembark II, I 43.

Artist Sam Francis was late to start his successful and brilliant career as a painter and printmaker. Sam Francis was born in San Mateo California in 1923. Sam Francis attended the University of California, Berkeley, where Francis studied botany, medicine and psychology. Shortly thereafter, Sam Francis served in the United States Air Force during WWII where he suffered injury in a plane crash. Francis was in the hospital for several years, and it was there that Sam Francis began to paint, and develop his love for art. Finding an artistic voice was therapeutic for Francis, and the art created in this time had a great influence on his emotional recovery. After his released from the hospital, Sam Francis returned to U.C. Berkeley to study art, and eventually earned both a B.A. and an M.A.

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