Henri Matisse / Henri Matisse Sketching Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art Ltd

Henri MATISSE - Henri Matisse Sketching

Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art Ltd

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Henri MATISSE - Henri Matisse Sketching

Brassai (Gyula Halasz) (1899 - 1984) - Henri Matisse (1869 - 1954)

Title: Henri Matisse Sketching (s.ta188)
Medium: Silver Gelatin print, 1939, accompanied by a printed sheet on green paper stating “Photographie Originale de Matisse par Brassai”
Note: This is the photograph which comes separately and framed alone from the following book: “Hommage, Dessins de Matisse.” Monaco, book 1947 4pp + frontispiece + 10 plates after Matisse: A tribute to Matisse offering quality reproductions of 10 drawings. A short introduction by Anne Rouveyre; frontispiece ORIGINAL LITHOGRAPH BY LEONOR FINI with 3 poems by Paul Eluard in fascimile manuscript. A 'table of contents' provided in a facsimile letter from Matisse on the 10 drawings: 1/ Tulips; 2/ Bouquet de fleurs variees; 3/ Monique; 4/ Annelise; 5/ La Martinquaise; 6/ Nature morte au chapeau tahitien; 7/ Lydia; 8/ Nu; 9/ Portrait d'Andre Rouveyre [a drawing in chalk on blue paper, with a cover sheet with printing notes in Matisse's hand] and 108 Portrait d'Apollinaire [also, chalk on blue paper with annotated covering sheet. First Edition. Soft Bound.
Edition: Published in a Limited Edition of 1000 Numbered copies
Literature: Brassaï, Les Artistes de ma Vie, Denoêl, 1982. The photographs reproduced on pages 129 and 134 are in this same series showing Matisse in his studio in 1939
Size: 23 x 29 cms(Image and paper size)

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