Joan Miró / Faillie du calcaire Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art Ltd

Joan MIRÓ - Faillie du calcaire

Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art Ltd

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    Raisonne Number 850 Patrick Cramer “Joan Miro, The Illustrated Books” Number 156
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Joan MIRÓ - Faillie du calcaire

Joan Miro (1893 - 1983)

Title: Faillie du calcaire
Limestone failure
Medium: Original Lithograph in colours, 1972 on chamois coloured Arches (watermarked) paper, signed by the artist in pencil
Reference: Maeght Editeur “Joan Miro Lithographe” volume IV, Catalogue Raisonne Number 850
Patrick Cramer “Joan Miro, The Illustrated Books” Number 156
Published by: Alain C Mazo, Paris & Leon Amiel, New York
Printed by: Mourlot Impremeur, Paris
Edition: 16/50. There were also a number of proofs made on Japan nacre for collaborators and a number of proofs in black and white which were also signed. There was also an unsigned edition of 800 on smaller paper. The Maeght Catalogue (Volume IV) calls for an edition of 75. We have, however, found several examples of this print online in editions of 50 which appear to have the numbering in the same hand as ours.
Size: 360 x 439 mms (Paper size) 250 x 330 mms (Image size)
Note: This was published for the volume “Souvenirs et portraits d’artistes” in 1972, by the Masterprinter Fernand Mourlot and Jacques Prévert. In this work he discusses the many artists he had printed for over a long and distinguished career including Baudin, Braque, Brianchon, Bellmer, Buffet, Calder, Chagall, Cocteau, Colette, dali, Delvaux, Dubuffet, Dunoyer de Segonzac, Raoul Dufy, Derain, Estève, Fenosa, Giacometti, Guiramand, Jenkins, Lapicque, Le Corbusier, Léger, Lorjou, Manessier, Marino Marini, Masson, Matisse, Minaux, Miró, Picasso, Prévert, Rouault, Ben Shahn, Siqueiros, Sutherland, Terechkovitch, Utrillo, Van Dongen, Vasarely, Villon, L. de Vilmorin, Vlaminck, Wild et Wunderlich
Provenance: Galerie Michel, Paris. The sale from which this came described the provenance as “Une Galerie Parisienne Historique” and this was no less then the truth. It was founded in 1912 by Robert Gustav Michel and was situated on the Quai Saint-Michel specialising in graphics by Modern Masters. The last owner, Francoise, sadly retired recently due to ill health

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