Joan Miró / Miró. Paintings Vol. IV. 1959-1968 Presentado por Artsobrepaper

Joan MIRÓ - Miró. Paintings Vol. IV. 1959-1968

Presentado por Artsobrepaper

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Joan MIRÓ - Miró. Paintings Vol. IV. 1959-1968

This reasoned catalog includes paintings by Miró seventy-three years of artistic production, from 1908, date of the first identified painting, and until 1981. It is divided into six volumes, each representing different stages of their work.
Volume IV includes 336 entries. Changes in technology, media and dimensions are huge and the emergence of unconventional, often support. He looked often painted in series and opted to paint on large canvases, as the first three monumental triptychs. And finally, never give up oil painting, he began using acrylic.
Each reproduction is accompanied by a fact sheet that includes: title, date, technique, medium, dimensions, location of the firm, handwritten notes on the back, collection, provenance, exhibition history and bibliography.

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