Hrh Prince Of Wales / Sandringham Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art

Hrh PRINCE OF WALES - Sandringham

Presentado por Fairhead Fine Art

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Hrh PRINCE OF WALES - Sandringham

HRH The Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) (Born 1948)

Title: Sandringham (s.8463)
Medium: Lithograph in colours, 1992, on Cuthberts Mill paper with a special watermark, signed by the artist in pencil “C ‘92”.
Size: 380 x 260 mms (Image size);
Printed by: Curwen Chilford Prints Ltd.
Edition: 103/295
Note: "Until I tried to paint Sandringham I thought Balmoral was difficult enough...But Sandringham is in a league of its own, as I discovered the moment I started to draw the house. It is a veritable minefield of gables, bow windows, parapets, balustrades, to w ers, cupolas and gigantic chimneys. Trying to get the perspective right was an intriguing challenge in itself...I made life more difficult for myself by selecting a pretty impossible angle from which to do the painting, but I thought it would be more interesting than most others" HRH The Prince of Wales Extract from HRH The Prince of Wales Watercolours, Little, Brown and Company, 1991.
The Prince made a number of prints depicting Royal Palaces and Residences such as Sandringham, Balmoral, Windsor Castle and Highgrove
Prince Charles who modestly describes himself as an “enthusiastic amateur" painter has made over £6 million ($7.75 million) from selling prints of his watercolors, it has emerged.
Limited edition prints of the original watercolours by the 67-year-old heir to the British throne reportedly sell for up to £15,000 ($21,668) each.

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