Georges Braque / Le coq Presentado por Masterworks Fine Art

Georges BRAQUE - Le coq

Presentado por Masterworks Fine Art

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    36,4 x 26,5 cm / 14.3 x 10.4 in
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    36,4 x 26,5 cm / 14.3 x 10.4 in
  • Tirada
    Numbered from the edition of 80 in pencil in the lower left margin; published by Verve (frontispiece
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    Sin referencia
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Georges BRAQUE - Le coq

A graceful, white rooster stands peacefully against a background of soothing, periwinkle blue. Braque utilizes simple, abstract lines to depict this coq, avoiding the use of excessive detail or color. In the background, the viewer witnesses another bird, perhaps this coq's mate. Though lacking a distinct ground line, the viewer gets the impression that the smaller bird is standing in the distance while the coq stands nearby as the main subject of the composition. Braque strategically composes the birds as if they are vertically stacked upon one another, so that the nearly 90 degree angles from their necks and backs mimic and therefore complement one another. The background is composed of swirling lines of blue and white that blend together in such a way as to contribute a sense of texture to this exquisite lithograph.

Created in 1952, this original color lithograph was published by Verve as the frontispiece for "Mods and Movements in Art," Vol VII, No. 27-28. This work is hand-signed by Georges Braque (Argenteuil, Val-d'Oise, 1882 - Paris, 1963) in pencil in the lower right margin and numbered from the edition of 80 in pencil in the lower left margin.

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