Sam Francis / Happy Death Stone Presentado por Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Sam FRANCIS - Happy Death Stone

Presentado por Bernard Jacobson Gallery

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    63,1 x 90,1 cm / 24.8 x 35.5 in
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    Edition of 90
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Sam FRANCIS - Happy Death Stone

Signed lower centre. Numbered lower centre.
Published by Kornfeld and Klipstein, Bern
Printed by Emil Matthieu at Emil Matthieu Atelier, Zurich.

During the 1960s in Francis’ formal experiments he worked in monochrome and explored the color blue. Blue evokes the sky and infinity, as it did for Giotto, Kandinsky and Yves Klein. In favoring blue over the red and gray that dominated his earlier work, Francis underscores his desire to be free of gravity. This desire to be free of gravity is likely related to his experience as a pilot (his vision of this gravity free domain, and of flying above the earth surely had its roots in his experience as a pilot). The vibrant and rich blue seen in this piece and the contrast between them and the luminous white center demonstrate Francis’ interest in the relationships of space, color and light. This piece also demonstrates the artist’s interest in the exploration of the color blue.

Literature: Connie W. Lembark, The Prints of Sam Francis: A Catalogue Raisonne 1960-1990', 1992, New York, Hudson Hills Press, Volume I, p.58, (illustrated. L.10).

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